Why Translate?

  • We are passionate about service
  • Stand out with dynamic translation
  • Lead with a global social strategy
  • Our global reach supports your goals
  • We help take your business to the next level
We are passionate about service1 Stand out with dynamic translation2 Lead with a global social strategy3 Our global reach supports your goals4 We help take your business to the next level5


Why should I consider translating my documents when all of my clients speak English?

  • Your reputation, sales performance and core messaging depend on accuracy.
  • Increase the reach of your sales and marketing tools with little additional cost.

At Translations for Industry (TFI), this the most frequent question we are asked and our response is simple. If your message is important enough to represent you, then it should also be accurate.

Many of your clients will have a good command of the English language, but do you really want to entrust your reputation and sales performance to that hope? Gain the confidence of knowing that your message will be accurately received in their language, leaving no room for doubt or false interpretation of key phrases or terminology.

It is imperative, especially in financially challenging times, that every investment has a clear and defined purpose. Consider the care undertaken to design your website, craft your technical manuals or your marketing materials. What added value can be obtained through a small investment to turn them into valuable sales tools that can be employed across the globe? The benefits can not be overstated.

Imagine the impression you will make on a client when they see that you have taken the time to approach them in their own language. Your effort reflects on the value you hold for your clients and their relationship with you.