Computing Technology

Your Translation Partner in Computing Technology

hong-kong-streetComputing technology is your business. Whether it is through software, hardware or firmware, the last thing you can afford is to make a mistake with your translation partner.

They are the ones you entrust with your message and, ultimately, your international future!

If a mistake is made – it is YOUR reputation that pays the price so be sure the translation partner you choose is in step with you.

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 Your Dedicated Program Manager

Your designated Project Manager will liaise with you before, during and after the project to ensure that we are fully aware of what is required and that you are satisfied with our results. Your dedicated Project Manager will handle any questions either directly or on behalf of the actual translation team to ensure throughout the process that everything stays on-track and your requirements are protected.

At the end of the process, Your Project Manager will ensure prompt delivery of the finished project exactly as directed, when and to whom it has been entrusted and in the requested format(s).

We never forget you have a choice and we will never rest on our laurels. Contact us today to discuss the opportunities available to you.