Healthcare and Pharma

Your Translation Partner in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Ilondonf healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry is your business, whether it is through developing drugs or their prescription, the last thing you can afford is to make a mistake with your translation partner.
They are the ones you entrust with your message and, ultimately, your international future!

We can assist you with regulatory compliance submittable and targeted government communications as well as customer focus briefings and in-service training materials.

TforI has, at its disposal, the very best translators from around the globe. However, it doesn’t end there as the professionals who will handle your work will also be fully conversant with your target subject matter and they will also have gleaned from you directly how your brand message is to get across.

Your Dedicated Project Manager

Your designated Project Manager will liaise with you before, during and after the project to ensure that we are fully aware of what is required. They will handle any questions either directly or on behalf of the actual translation team and ensure throughout the process that everything stays on-track. At the end of the process, they will ensure prompt delivery of the finished project exactly as, when and to whom it has been directed and in the requested format(s).

We aim to continually prove ourselves to you with every project you entrust to us
and we will constantly strive to ensure that out translators are similarly tested to
ensure we only ever use the best.

When we find that you feel confident using a certain team of translators, we will
try to ensure that such a winning combination is maintained wherever we can.

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