Reach New Markets Effectively

There is nothing more absolute to sabotage a great sales effort than poorly translated copy. No matter how solid your reputation, your value or your position in the market- inaccurate translation can cost you.

One example of this is exemplified by a major beauty product company that developed a ground-breaking new curling iron that used steam to help customer achieve stellar results in a fraction of the time. This product was already selling very well in U.S. markets, so it seemed a natural transition to launch the product in European markets.

The results were disastrous in Germany.

The launch team neglected to use a reliable translation partner and ended up wasting time, money and reputation in the launch. The problem was the product name, “The Mist Stick,” translated to the slang term for manure. No one wanted to buy a manure steak, steam powered or not.

The product failed miserably and the company’s campaign became a joke to consumers. Add to that the expense in pulling their product from the market and you have a worst-case scenario for any corporate venture. How do you calculate ROI for a train wreck? Prevention is the key and choosing a proven, reliable translation partner will help avoid just this kind of scenario.

Als Clairol seinen Lockenstab „Sunbeam Mist Stick“ auf den deutschen Markt brachte, hatte die Firma wohl keinen Übersetzer konsultiert: Während das “Mist” im englischen Namen in diesem Zusammenhang so viel wie „Wasserdampf“ bedeutet, ist die deutsche Bedeutung etwas weniger positiv besetzt. Das Produkt musste vom Markt genommen werden.